Daily Fantasy Pitching Option- 7/8 Let’s give Vance another Chance





Ok, my last pitching option for all you gamblers out there was Vance Worley. I want to apologize but I won’t, Vance was great the Pirates were not. We have a pitcher who brought a no-hitter into the sixth inning? Worely ended up going seven innings allowing three earned runs, one was a 2-run shot and another hit that drove in a run in the sixth. Vance allowed four hits with giving up only two walks, and struck out six. The Pirates went on to allow seven more runs to end up with the obvious loss. I can not blame Vance for that either. He looked pretty good, well he looked good enough to recommend him again and some might agree.

The Pirates starting pitcher is now 2-1 on the season with a 2.28 ERA along with a .094 holding batters to a .210 average at the plate. Worley is bringing a  18/5 K/BB ratio going into Tuesday to face the Cardinals in St. Louis. I can not give up on numbers like that, once again. The Pittsburgh Pirates starting five have all been electric lately, and I believe will be as the season carries on. Let’s just say the team ERA is nothing to complain about. Andrew McCutchen hitting .458 with four runs and six RBI’s tagging on a home run and a stolen base last week makes me want to give Vance another chance. There are some players starting to hit well for the Pirates and with run support should only make Worely better.

I know we question Worely breaking down, but I would not recommend a pitcher that has not at all this season. He looks great the Pirates still owe Vance a win, and they also owe you one too. I am going to throw some change at Worely myself.

Daily Fantasy Bargain Pitcher of the Day 7/3: Vance Worely





I remember 2011, what a year for Vance Worley and what he did for the Phillies. Showing off his goods going 11-3 with a 3.01 ERA along with a 1.23 WHIP in 131.2 IP. Worley humbled the opposing batters to a .237 BAA and had 119 strikeouts that year. It was very impressive. Then a slump of a season the following year, with high expectations. Worley has dealt with injuries, trades and now none of that really matters. You can argue he has only had three starts this season for Pittsburgh, but what has he done for you to doubt him? It is hard to predict a total melt down when the numbers and the way he has pitched has show me that to be a gut feeling. That is perfectly fine by me, we all get choices. I’m going with momentum and the way he looks personally. His numbers are not that bad either.

Worley has started three games for the Pirates this season going 2-0 posting a punishing 1.74 ERA a 0.97 WHIP to go with a 12/3 K/BB ratio in 20.2 IP. He is holding batters at the plate to a .224 BAA to start his 2014 campaign for the Pirates. Vance of course is just starting and has not proved everyone wrong, we have to give him a chance. Worely has allowed only four earned runs in those three starts combined. Coming of back-to-back wins against the Mets and the Chicago Cubs Vance will look to take down the  Diamonbacks on his home turf on Thursday. If you are weary and afraid to go after Worley I personally do not understand, especially when you have a man with a hot hand. I most defiantly think he is a worth a penny, I know he can pitch and he looks like he is worth a shot in my book. You might get one heck of a deal.

Fantasy Baseball “tips”: “Player on the Radar”- Marlon Byrd




Ok, what has got into Mr. Byrd? I do not think the just the fantasy baseball addicts, and baseball lovers in general are the only ones thinking that either? Marlon Byrd has been bringing a symphony of destruction to opposing pitchers when he trots to the plate lately, and what a better time than “real” baseball trade time talk. He is most certainly a must add player for the time being, that is not a question. Last week alone Byrd went 10 for 25 batting .400 at the plate scoring five runs, knocking in four and attached wings to three balls to set flight out of the park.To add the consistency factor other than just one week of validity, Byrd in the last month has scored 18 runs adding 10 RBI’s while belting eight out of the park. Six of those eight home runs have come in the last two weeks I must add, for the “man on fire” spin. Personally, I could roll the dice and gamble with those numbers. He could also really do some damage if the reports of the Royals, and Red Sox being heavy on caging Byrd are accurate. Those are two teams in need of some help.


Marlon Byrd does make a case right now for a grab in all shallow head-to-head leagues. I noticed in Yahoo standard  leagues he is just 60% owned and is ranked 64th. Hmmm? What is the problem that people are not swallowing him whole off waivers? The thing is this “new” power we are seeing as of late is actually a player (let us put the “name” aside) knowing a trade is a strong possibility and mentally focused on the game because of it. Major League Baseball players like a nice place to work themselves. In the case of Marlon Byrd he is focused on taking a flight to a nice place to start a new job. Byrd went to 2 for 4 yesterday with another home run while drawing one walk against the Marlins in a losing effort. There is no reason to hold onto old names that are household but still continue to struggle badly this season. I can name more than a couple that got drafted in early rounds. I understand the “marathon” with fantasy baseball, but watching these players that have been a bit of surprise come and go will not help your season. There comes a point where for me where any player can be disposable. It is not a popularity contest, it is a game of stats and winning categories based off numbers in some leagues. If I was in your position and Byrd is available you might want to see if he can help on your roster, it is only Wednesday and if the Byrd starts declining at some point I can probably help with at a later date.

I would like to congratulate  Mr. Byrd on receiving this notable nod for his outstanding achievement he has shown to receive the “Player on the Radar” to add to his resume. Please go check him out, even if it is because you have nothing better to do.

Daily Fantasy Pitching Options: Tuesday-7/1 “The Forensic Picks”




Another day and a another dollar to be made, god willing. If you do play daily fantasy sports (whether if it is online or in an actual sports book) we know there is no tomorrow when it comes to betting. For those who have read my advice on pitchers before I’m hoping you might want to consider taking a look at some more options of mine, there could be a few things you might like that I see also. Here are my picks for Tuesday the 1st of July, Shall we…


The Fastball: Josh Beckett (LAD)- I have to say I have stuck by my buddy Josh through all the nasty motivation thrown at him before the season. Beckett is proving once again how great he is when healthy, and how this dominate southpaw can be so disliked and keep winning with a smile after. Josh is one of a kind in my book. I have watched hundreds of outings from him and his approach has not changed much. Beckett is classic for conceding one earned in the first inning or getting in a jam at least. Sometimes I think he does it on purpose to get himself in a mental state of mind that makes other teams upset, just like he is pitching on the mound. He can be ruthless and that is when Beckett is unstoppable. He has not been the nicest face to put on the jumbo screen at games. Some might ask why? It is because Josh is winning, and that is how Beckett is and always has been.

The Los Angeles Dodgers starter has had five shutouts in his last 10 starts, and has been putting up stellar outings. Beckett is coming off dominating back-to-back shutouts heading into Tuesday. He has been unreal on the mound, and a top 15 pitcher at this point in my book. Not a bad pick for a later spot in any teams rotation. He is 5-4 with a 2.11 ERA a 1.00 WHIP and has a 88/28 K/BB ratio on the season. Beckett is holding opposing hitters to .199 BAA this year in 93.2 IP on the year. Those are “CY Young” award-winning numbers other than the wins and loss column. I will blame his supporting role because there is no one else to really hide from the truth of the situation. He is a must start without a second blink. With enough said Beckett and the Dodgers will be hosting the Indians in Los Angeles on Tuesday. We never dislike the bad performing athletes. Yankees fans might want to be unbiased on this one.


The Change-up: Mike Leake (CIN)- Mr. Leake has been huge for the Reds in winning a game sometimes this season. In Mike’s last two starts he has limited both the Giants and the Blue Jays to just one earned run in eight innings of work. Leake will be looking for his fourth straight win on Tuesday. Leake is one of those pitchers that does not “look” good, he just “is” good. He always has been. Leake this season has already thrown 108.1 innings in 16 starts. In Mike’s defense do not let the Reds give him a bad name, especially after seeing the numbers and noticing that he is only 6-6 on the season. It is kind of sad.

Leake is rocking a 3.41 ERA a 1.14 ERA along with 84 strikeouts and only 23 walks. He is actually on pace for more strikeouts than in his previous seasons, but what really impresses me is that he has on given up only 11 home runs so far. That is quite a bit of time on the mound for a disabling stat for opponents to face when Leake is on the rubber. I think the Cincinnati Reds will bring the goods on Tuesday when Leake will take the mound against the Padres. I do not see a poor pitching performance in this match, nor a poor offensive performance from the Reds either. That is the leak on Leake. There is nothing stopping me from starting him. The Reds offense actually seems to be showing up and in reality Leake should regulate for another victory for his squad and himself.


The Curveball- Jeff Locke (PIT)-  With the Pirates looking to turn up the heat in their division they have a pitcher on Tuesday that is more than capable of adding fuel to their fire. Locke has been great in his five games he has started for the Pirates this year. He is coming off his first win of the season in a game against the Rays where he pitched 7.1 innings allowing just three earned runs. Locke has unfortunately had three no decisions in his first five starts. In those starts he has not surrendered more than three earned runs in any game, and took a 0-1 loss against the Brewers allowing three hits in seven innings. So you see he is receiving the short end of the stick for how well he is pitching. Jeff was one of my choices on his last start and got the win for Pittsburgh and my heart, so I think it is safe to start him on Tuesday.

Locke has a 3.74 ERA a punishing 0.98 WHIP along with 23 strikeouts and allowing just four walks in 33.2 IP this year. Jeff is limiting opposing batters to a .236 BAA. Locke looks like the dominating left-handed pitcher he was last season, it is like clock work. He can pitch when he is not winning in a game, and pitch when his team is winning a game. Jeff is very mentally disciplined on “his” game when he takes the mound. Some Pirates runs on the board and Locke leading the way I suspect we could see back-to-back wins for the lefty. He is a start in my book of sports when he is set to touch the rubber on Tuesday facing the Diamondbacks at home.


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Daily Fantasy Pitching Options-6/28 “The Forensic Picks”





Another day in baseball and more tough decisions. It is always good to research before any commitment to where your money is going to be spent. It becomes a little more difficult sometimes if you just pick a pitcher that has a familiar name on the back of fans replica jerseys. Or even maybe you are just going off the team and who they are playing. That is always a good idea and can help sometimes, but daily fantasy betting is a game of skill. It is a game of numbers, and that is where I come in. “Oh, great here we go will more deep pitching analytics.” Baseball is a game of math in itself, without digging a little further into your options might cost you in the end. All I am trying to do is give you what I see to be the best odds to get that pitching performance you seek. So let us take a look at some pitchers that could spark interest for Saturday. Shall we…


The Fastball:  John Lester (BOS)- I already know what you baseball fans are thinking, personally I could careless if he is facing “the phenom” Masahiro Tanaka on Saturday. That does not mean Lester is going to flop because of an opposing pitcher? I might pick them both considering it statistically it might be a low scoring game. To have a left-handed pitcher that has a dominating arsenal of pitches, especially one that can throw a cut fastball and hit 90 MPH on the gun turns my head. Lester is a veteran pitcher that has very high strikeout numbers, and always keeps his team within striking distance. In Lester’s last outing hitting the mound looking for his fifth win in his last six starts held the Oakland Athletics to two earned runs in 7.2 IP. Lester receiving a no decision in that game caused us to overlook the dominating performance. In his last five wins ( I will include the no decision also) in 34.2 IP he allowed just eight earned runs total while striking out 33 and walking just eight. On the season John has a punishing 3.14 ERA a 1.21 WHIP to go with an 109/27 K/BB ratio, giving him an 8-7 record.


Lester has been a beast on the rubber for the Boston Red Sox. I do not look for Lester to fall on Saturday when he takes the mound in New York against the Yankees. He is a veteran pitcher, and the World Series rings do not lie either. I look for a strong performance from Lester and the Red Sox against the ultimate rival Yankees. They are always good games for the most part, and the all time record against each other is a cool number to check out also.


The Change-up:  Yordano “Ace” Ventura (KC)- I really just love saying his name at this point. Yordano has been all he was hyped up to be, but he took a very tough loss his last start. The “Ace” pitched seven innings allowing two earned runs while striking out six and walking just two batters. A solo shot in the seventh was the dagger for Ventura and the no-show Royals in that game in which they lost 2-1. Ventura was looking for his fourth straight win going into that last game against the Marlins.


Yordano is 5-6 on the season for the Kansas City Royals with a 3.20 ERA a 1.25 WHIP tagging on 73 strikeouts and 25 walks. Ventura has started 14 games this year and through 84.1 has allowed but seven home runs. The Royals really do “Ace” no justice as a team. He has had very strong outings with very little results. His numbers he is holding down makes him a good pitching option to me. Other than the unfair win column he stands in with the Royals, Ventura will look to continue his successful pitching campaign in Kansas City when he is set to face the Angels on Saturday. You might be thinking about the bats the Angels possess but let us look again at how well he can keep a ball in the park.


The Curveball: Matt Garza (MIL)- Garza has actually pitched very well for the Brewers. Seeing that the most earned runs in his last 10 starts in one game has been four, and going 3-2 in those last 10 starts is making Garza an average looking pitcher if you are gazing at the win column. In his last start and loss against the Diamondbacks he yielded just three earned runs over 7.2 innings, striking out four and walking not one batter.The Brewers lost that game 0-3, so you see what I am talking about.

The Brewers starting pitcher is 4-5 on the season with a 4.01 ERA a 1.28 WHIP while striking out 77 and walking 34 batters. In 16 starts and 101 IP this year he has given up only a stellar eight home runs. The Brewers seem to have trouble when their pitchers pitch well for them for some reason? Garza is another pitcher that is not new to the art of pitching. Just another victim of circumstance in the past couple years. I like Matt as a decent option for Saturday. The numbers I see are in green, and green means go for me.

Garza and the Brewers with be hosting the Colorado Rockies on Saturday. I think the Brewers can and will give Garza the mental run cushion he needs to keep himself on a good pace for a decent start and a win.


All comments welcomed




Fantasy Baseball: Daily Pitching Options- 6/26





Since I never write about pitchers in my daily fantasy baseball advice, I decided to take a look at some names that might draw some attention to help. After an intense look into some pitching that might be overlooked to make your day, and put a smile on your face with that feeling we all love, winning…Shall we.



The Fastball: Doug Fister (WAS)- This is an obvious pick for me considering I still feel he will be a top 15 pitcher when the season ends. Fister is coming off a brilliant performance in his last start. He pitched eight scoreless innings, striking out three and handing out just one walk. He limited the Atlanta Braves to just five hits (all of them singles) grabbing his sixth win on the season. Fister is literally a monster on the mound, being 6’8″ and weighing in at 210 lbs. gives this statement some validity. Mr. Fister has also shown not much run support does not throw him off his game. It is always nice to see consistency.

The Washington Nationals starter is now 6-2 on the season, posting a 2.65 ERA a 1.o4 WHIP with a 36/6 K/BB ratio. I will take that any day, and you might want too also. In 34 IP in just this last month Doug has four wins boasting a legit 2.12 a 0.97 ERA and adding on 19 strikeouts. Those numbers alone prove this guy is pretty much untouchable and still very underrated still. I think we will be talking about Fister a lot more as this year progresses. I can not make these numbers up so you might be drinking poison instead of picking it if you do not start him.


The Nationals will in Chicago facing off with the Cubs on Thursday. This is a very favorable matchup for Fister, not like who he faces really matters. He is a must start and worth the extra penny, because Fister does not work for pennies and neither should you.


The Change-up: Wily Peralta (MIL)-  This guy is getting no attention as a pretty valuable player for the Brewers. Peralta has now won four straight bringing his record on the season to 8-5. Coming off what was supposed to be a rocky start in Colorado, Peralta dominated through 7.2 IP allowing just three earned runs and issuing just two walks. He has been a silent but deadly weapon for Milwaukee so I think we should see what kind of pitcher we are really looking at.


Peralta is coming into Thursday’s start boasting a 3.o2 ERA a 1.23 WHIP while striking out 69 and issuing 23 walks this year. In 95.1 IP through 15 starts he has only allowed 11 home runs. That is always a plus when you do not have to bring an umbrella to a game. No fan wants to be bombed on with baseballs worrying about a hospital visit. This is one pitcher I can say that has been very consistent also. The four straight dominate wins can validate that I would hope. I think he is a great option and not worth fighting yourself on when he is going to blow it. He has not yet so I can not say he will.


The Milwaukee Brewers will be hosting Peralta’s last victims the Colorado Rockies on Thursday. Peralta is obviously feeling comfortable on the rubber, and the Brewers have shown they feel pretty good with him up there too. Look for a strong outing by Wily and the Brewers. Sometimes teams play better with certain pitchers on the mound, and the Brewers found one.


The Curveball: Rick Porcello (DET)- Porcello has numbers that are deceiving on the season. In his last 10 games Rick has gone 7-3 for the Tigers and 9-5 this year for the Tigers. So can I say” he is heating up?” We all know that Porcello is a very good pitcher despite the outcomes of some of his past starts. He does extremely well at keeping the ball in the park and allowing his defense to make a play on the ball. In 88.2 IP he has given up but nine home runs all year. In my mind that is a very good thing for a team to be victorious, and feel a level of comfort that he is able to keep them within striking distance when he is on the mound.

The Detroit Tigers starter holds a 3.76 ERA a 1.24 WHIP with a 56/21 K/BB ratio. Porcello is the type of pitcher that will walk a batter rather than challenge him. I  think for his style it is smart to not give a hitter a pitch in a count that is not in his favor. He likes to avoid the odds of potential damage. He is a smart pitcher, I always say there are pitchers that “look” good and some that “are” good. Especially in this era of baseball. Porcello looks like a solid bet, going 9-5 in 14 starts shows me he is putting in work.

The Detroit Tigers will be in Texas to take on the Rangers on Thursday. Porcello will be seeking revenge for the one not so good start against them the last time he faced them. Look for the Tigers to lead the way and Porcello to give them what they need to get that fifth straight notch on the belt.


Bad and Good Comments Welcomed!














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Fantasy Baseball: Daily Pitching Options- 6/24




I could write half a page about this guy named Clayton Kershaw, but it really is no fun to write about the obvious. So let me suggest some more affordable pitching options. It is not  always about the name sometimes, it is about the numbers. Sometimes some pitchers surprise us.


The Fastball: Homer Bailey (CIN)- I have to say for a name like Homer he has been overlooked for a couple of years now from some reason? I am going to have to throw in that the Reds have a very hard time scoring runs sometimes. Bailey deserves that at the least. Homer Bailey has won five of his last six games. Homer lost in his last start giving up just three runs and ended up taking the loss 4-3 against Pittsburg. Those kind of numbers can make this an easier decision if you read them again.


Bailey this year holds a 4.68 ERA and an ugly 1.45 WHIP. Considering in his last six starts the most runs he has given up is four in just a single game makes this better to validate as an option. Homer has 81 strikeouts on the year to go with 29 walks. With the way Bailey has been performing for the Reds lately and the bats of Billy Hamilton and Todd Frazier heating up. I would consider giving him a spot in your starting rotations.


The Cincinnati Reds will be in Chicago facing off with the Cubs. With two unpredictable offenses I will take the lesser of the two evils and roll with Homer. The risk is he beats himself and he has been pretty consistent of not doing that lately.


The Change-up: Jeff Locke -(PIT) Mr. Locke had quite a start last week going six innings allowing just two runs (both on sac flys). He gave up just three hits while only walking one. This guy can pitch and it has surprised me to see how he was being not even a topic of conversation lately. So I figured why don’t I make him one.


Locke in three starts and 21.1 IP is 0-1 with a 3.78 ERA and an impressive .087 WHIP to add-on. He has limited opposing players at the plate to just a.221 BAA. Jeff has dished  out 21 strikeouts and issued only one walk on the season.. It makes this an easy decision for me an instant option. I can not argue the numbers? The Pirates are starting to swing the bats a bit more and I got Locke on lock when he takes the mound on Tuesday. I always love having a decent left-handed pitcher on the mound personally.


The Pirates will be in Tampa to face the struggling Rays when Locke takes to the rubber. I look for another solid start out of Jeff and the Pirates to give him a boost with some added run support. This is a good option not as much a risk in this case.


The Curveball: Erasmo Ramirez (SEA)- That is why I call it the “curveball.” Eramso is not only fun to say he has been fun to watch. As for the rest of the team they are not so fun to watch. Ramirez has not allowed a single run in his last four starts. That is always a very good sign for a pitcher to be successful, but Erasmo is just 1-4 on the season.It totally makes sense to me too.


Ramirez has a 4.62 WHIP and a not so hot 1.52 WHIP on the season, to go with 40 strikeouts and 24 walks. So let us concentrate back on his last four starts. I can not predict doomsday, but with what he has shown lately I do not think it will be Tuesday. Let us hope the Mariners can put the some cushion runs on the board for Ramirez. The Mariners owe this win not only to themselves but Erasmo and you fantasy team owners also. Once again sometimes you roll the dice, so roll your tongue also and start Erasmo. I am only seeing the positive on this. Let’s say the glass is half full.


The Seattle Mariners will host the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday when Ramirez is scheduled to start. The Red Sox bats are unpredictable and they always have been. A very good curveball option pick if you if you are pondering on one to finish your roster.




Fantasy Baseball: Pitching Advice to Finish Off the Week





I wanted to do a little overview of some pitching for the rest the week that could just make your week. Some might come as the obvious, and some I will break down to at least consider a good option to consider also. For those fantasy team owners looking for some decent numbers, and a strong possibility of that win you might to make your week. Let us take a look at some pitchers that can fulfill that wish.


Wednesday 6/18


Sonny Gray (OAK) – The Oakland Athletics starting pitching staff has been phenomenal this season. In reality the whole team has been great this year. Sonny Gray has been leading the way for Oakland’s starting pitching this year. Leaving the sky gray for opposing teams that have to face this up and coming star. Gray is 6-3 on the season holding down a solid 2.93 ERA to go with a 1.18 WHIP. Gray has been humbling batters at the plate to a .227 BAA this year. Sonny is dominating the opposition giving up  just six home runs in 14 starts and dishing out 79 strikeouts, allowing 32 walks through 92 IP. In Gray’s last 10 starts he has given up less than five earned runs in all but one start. I would call that one game just a glitch in the matrix.He also pitched a complete game shutout against the Rangers allowing just two hits. I’m hoping that should help his cause also. unfortunately for Sonny five no decisions in those last 10 games do not help, and makes for a deceiving record. Gray was a victim of circumstance to the closer by committee trend.

I look for Gray to continue his solid performance when the Texas Rangers face off with the Athletics at home on Wednesday. With a atomic bombs and the solid offense the Athletics have shown lately, Sonny is a must start in my book.


Matt Garza (MIL) - Garza knows how to pitch and I have not given up on Matt. Despite his 4.17 ERA and 1.33 WHIP I look for a good outing for Garza and the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday. This season Garza is 4-4 in 14 starts for the “Brew Crew.” Garza in 86.1 innings on the season has 66 strikeouts and allowed 32 walks. When I look at the games Garza has lost the score differential has been slim. Matt also suffering four no decisions in his last 1o starts does not help his cause either, but coming off three stellar starts might change some minds. Garza in his last three starts has given up a total of four earned runs in 19.1 IP. Matt has gone 2-1 in those games. A very positive sign for Garza’s confidence on the mound, and we all know the Brewers are more than capable of scoring runs.

The Brewers will be in Arizona to face off with the Diamondbacks when Garza hits the mound. I like this matchup and will roll my dice on a good performance from Garza and the Brewers.


Thursday – 6/19


Anibal Sanchez (DET) - Anibal has been an “Animal” since his return. Completely annihilating the opposition. The Detroit Tigers lack of run support (something I do not have advise for) his numbers have been very dominating. Sanchez is 3-2 on the season (no typo) with a 3.22 ERA an .094 WHIP with 59 strikeouts and allowing just 19 walks through 11 starts. Anibal in 62.2 IP this season is silencing bats at the plate, holding them to a .181 BAA on the season. Yes, his record is 3-2 this year. Anibal has allowed but a single home run all year and 17 earned runs on the season. There is no reason to not start Sanchez. Not one I can think of giving you.

The Detroit Tigers will host the Kansas City Royals when Sanchez hits the mound on Thursday. The Tigers owe Anibal a win in my opinion, but the numbers alone should do wonders for you. A must start for any fantasy owner.


Drew Hutchison (TOR) – The Toronto Blue Jays starter is coming off a phenomenal start against the Baltimore Orioles. Hutchison pitched seven scoreless  innings f or the Blue Jays to lead them to a 4-0 victory. Drew is 5-4 on the season with a 3.62 ERA and a 1.20 WHIP. He seems to just be getting better almost every start. Hutchison through 82 IP this season has 70 strikeouts and handing out only 23 walks. In his last 10 starts he has not allowed but five earned runs combined in his last three. Drew has gone 5-1 in his last six 6-4 appearances. I have to say that is very impressive. With all the dynamite off bats Toronto possesses Hutchison looks like a good option right now in any league formats. There really should be no reason to not start him on Thursday, unless you like to play softball?

The Toronto Blue Jays will be in New York on Thursday to take on the Yankees. A very good matchup for Hutchison, especially how well he is at keeping the ball in the park. In the Blue Jays case they do have a hard time keeping a ball in any park. I would consider giving Hutchison a chance and give him the starting nod.


Friday 6/2o


Jesse Chavez (OAK) – The Oakland Athletics once again have another pitcher that is a must start. In my eyes Jesse Chavez is very unrated on “squad team 5.”  Chavez has a 2.93 ERA with a 1.20 WHIP, 72 strike outs and 21 walks. I can live with that personally , and his last outing might persuade you to take my advise. Jesse in his last start against the Yankees allowed just one run in  5 IP , striking out five while not issuing a walk. Jesse through 86 IP has allowed just nine home runs in his 14 starts for the Athletics. Those are very deceiving numbers considering he is 6-4 on the season. In his last 10 games he got robbed by the bad news bullpen. Oakland will be taking on the Red Sox on Friday.

I totally think Chavez is a must start player, especially with a hot team in the Athletics against a struggling Boston Red Sox team. Jesse will look to notch his third win in his last four outings. You can pick your poison on this game, but an “A” is before “B” in my book.


Henderson Alvarez (MIA) –  Alvarez has pitched very well for just being 3-3 on the season. The Miami Marlins Henderson Alvarez this year is posting a 2.56 ERA an 1.28 WHIP. Henderson tossed out 56 strikeouts and allowing just 18 walks in 14 games, and on top on that allowing just four home runs. Another pitcher cursed with eight no decisions that were pretty well pitched. Alvarez has lacked that strikeout punch he has handed out in some previous outings, but Alvarez is defiantly an option that might not be bad taking on Friday. Alvarez is due for some domination, and the Marlins might respond well to that at the plate. You have to have confidence in your teammates. It is a team sport.


The Miami Marlins will face off with the Mets This Saturday. A day I would start Mr. Alvarez, if  you don’t I would love to hear some reason why. Live life on the edge and take a chance?



Saturday – 6/21


Cole Hamels (PHI) – Well what do I say for guy that is 2-3, but has pitched three straight shutouts, I think I would start him. The Philadelphia Phillies Cole Hamels has been an untamable monster on the rubber this season. Hamels on the season he has a 2.78 ERA a 1.20 WHIP, while striking out 24 walk just five. Hamels has started 11 games this year and put in 74.1 innings doing so. Cole has allowed just four home runs on the season. Hamels also suffers from the “no decision disease.”  Cole has had six in his last 10 games. He is holding opposing batters to a .239 BAA. So what we have here are great numbers, and we know to blame the offense. Hamels is worth starting because of his numbers. We can hope the offense can succeed obtaining that win he deserves and you would enjoy yourself.


Hamels and the Phillies will be in Cincinnati to face the Reds. So we have to struggle offenses going head to head. I will take Cole Hamels on this one. It is the only right thing to do for support.


Jason Vargas (KC) – The Kansas City Royal Jason Vargas has impressed baseball fans this year. He is now 7-2 on the season posting a 3.25 ERA with a 1.21 WHIP, to go with 72 strikeout and only walking 11. Vargas has allowed just one home run in his last five starts. through 99.2 IP this year he looks pretty consistent to me. Coming off back to back wins Vargas has proven he is no fluke, and a weapon on the moun d for Kansas City. Not bad numbers and results from Jason in his 15 starts for the Royals. I look for a strong performance again from Vargas on Saturday.


The Kansas City Royals will fave off with the Seattle Mariners on Saturday where Vargas is scheduled to hit the mound. I would like to see Jason go back-to-back-back in the win category. It is always a good sign to see consistency.




































Forensic Picks: Daily Fantasy Baseball Pitcher by Tier- 6/17



My last daily fantasy predictions seem to work out for some hopefully. Those who did not, to each his own. I respect that. I wish I would take my own advise sometimes. Daily Fantasy is a tough game to say the least. It is not a game of names sometimes or a game of patience. Daily fantasy is a game of skill so it’s always good to seek advise or some analysts breakdown on players. So let’s break down some pitching that could help for Tuesday.


The Fastball : Zack Greinke (LAD) – The Los Angeles Dodgers Zack Greinke has been a victim of circumstance in his past three starts. It is very hard to pitch for the Dodgers even when you are good pitcher. I personally wonder when will the all-stars score half the time. It does get frustrating for us fantasy fans and the Dodgers pitchers in my opinion.


Greinke has tossed 19 IP in his last three starts,allowing six earned runs in the two losses. In the no decision he was handed he allowed just three earned runs in seven innings, striking out six and allowing one walk. “Los Angeles we have a problem” Greinke is 8-3 on the season, posting a smooth 2.65 ERA with a 1.15 WHIP. In 85 IP on this year has 92 strikeouts while allowing only 18 walks. He has not allowed more than three walks in a game in his last 10 starts. Still very impressive numbers, and numbers do not lie.


Greinke and the Dodgers will look to seek redemption when the Colorado Rockies visit on Tuesday. Zack had a no decision on June 7th in Colorado. I look for Greinke to pitch well at home, and let us hope that the Dodgers can score more than three runs. I like Greinke in this matchup, have faith the Dodgers bats should be able to take care of business.


The Changeup : Kyle Lohse (MIL) – The Milwaukee Brewers Kyle Lohse is coming off one tough no decision in New York against the Mets. Lohse pitched eight innings out of one unearned run baseball. Kyle allowed no walks while striking out three and allowing just four hits. A great performance which was blown (seems to be contagious trend in the MLB) by his offense failing his effort, but a good performance, and the Brewers were able to rally and win that game 5-1.


Lohse has been impressive very impressive  this season. He is now 7-2 on the year through 14 starts. Kyle is handling the reins with a 3.oo ERA to go with a stellar 1.01 WHIP , holding the opposition at the plate to a .231 BAA on the season. Through 96 IP on this year Lohse has struck out 69 batters while only dishing out 10 walks. Coming off a solid start and a year which he has been pretty consistent. I like Kyle the mound in this next matchup. We know the Brewers have the talent to provide those necessary runs needed. We also know they will have a pitcher on the mound in Lohse that can let them capitalize on the pitching he has provided this season.

The Milwaukee Brewers with be in Arizona this Tuesday to face the Diamondbacks. I expect another good performance from Kyle, his numbers will have to prove me wrong on this call. I would defiantly think he is a good option worth considering for the cost.


The Curveball : Tommy Milone (OAK) - I guess I would take a long shot with the Athletics pitching squad personally. Milone is coming off a superb start against the Angels silencing their bats. A game where he held them to one earned run on six hits through 6.2 IP to pick up his fourth win of the season. Milone is now 4-3 this year posting a 3.47 ERA and a 1.25 WHIP in 12 starts this year.

Milone has taken four very well pitched no decisions this year. I’m thinking it might have something to with the “closer by committee MLB outbreak.” It is tough on a  pitcher getting the no decisions, especially when the most earned runs given in an up in those starts was three. Tommy has impressed me with in only allowing eight home runs in 72.2 IP this year for the Oakland this year. Keeping the ball in the park is always a good thing. Look for Milone to have a solid start, and a solid start from the Athletics offense as well.

The Oakland Athletics and Milone will take on the Texas Rangers at home on Tuesday. The Oakland Athletics have been hot and once again I will let Milone prove me wrong on this call, but we all pick our poison sometimes.

The best of luck to all!